5 items you must stock before disasters strike

1- Clean drinking water:

stockfordisasterYou should stock water enough for 2 weeks. This is based on an assumption that aids won’t reach your area up to 2 weeks. Each person in the family needs 1/2 gallon of water per day, in case you need to calculate.

2- Non-perishable food

Military rations, or food for hiking can be ideal, or canned food. Dried food can also be useful. But it may need water for preparation like dried milk and dried eggs.

3- First aid kit:

Your first aid kit should be stored in such a way that you can carry with you in case you need to move to a rescue destination. recommends items to be in the kit. Click this link to view this list.

4- Matches, candles and flash lights

Power outage could happen and it could last a few weeks. Make sure you stock batteries for your flash ligts

5- Outdoor cooking equipment

These can be your outdoor grill or camping stove/range. Be sure you have amber of propane gas.

Additional items can be

  • pack and go kit that you need to bring along when you need to move to a safe location.
  • blankets
  • radio and batteries
  • power generator

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