10 Vietnamese dishes you must try before you die.

I choose to write this article in English because I imagine that many individuals around the world may have this question in mind. This is my personal list and you can use the comment field to express your list. Over time, we can combine into a popular list of 10, if we have enough responses.

Gỏi Cuốn – Spring roll

This dish can be made at home. If you can buy fresh pork belly and fresh shrimp, it will be delicious.

Here is a photo and recipe from

goi cuon/spring roll photo

Bánh xèo

This dish was prepared at my grandmother home on special occasions. Van restaurant in Little Saigon is where we go to for Banh Xeo

Here is a picture and recipe on by Thien Kim Lam

Chả giò

Here are some recipes. For old school you must use rice paper, not springroll wrapper.

cha gio

Bò bảy món

Thien An or Anh Hong are the 2 restaurants in Little Saigon that we take our visitors to.

this photo is on

Chả cá Thăng Long

This photo is on

Cha ca thang long

Canh chua cá và cá kho tộ

Image on flicker

canh chua ca kho to

Tôm kho tàu

This photo is on and I think this chef made it pretty good. If the shrimp is fresh, it will be so good.

tom kho tau

You can try this as in

  • cơm tấm bì
  • bánh bèo bì
  • bánh mì bì

Com tam at Com Tam Dat Thanh RestaurantMy favorite place is Com Tam Dat Thanh

Bún bò Huế

Some homemade bun bo hue are quite better than in the dish in a restaurant. There are a few restaurants in Little Saigon that you can try: Vy Da, Saigon Deli or Bun Bo Hue So 1


Lẩu dê hầm thuốc bắc

You can try this one at Phuong Hoang Restaurant in Little Saigon California, my favorite place for this dish. If you attemp this at home you have to buy goat mutton and make sure you include skin and bone, to be authentic

lau de ham thuoc bac

What is your list

I will add more info to this article soon. Please use the comment section and let me know your list.

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