Top 10 Pho Restaurant in OC

Pho at Pho Quang Trung

Pho at Pho Quang Trung

Each of us may have our own top 10 list of Pho restaurants in Little Saigon. OC Weekly created a top 10 list of pho restaurants four years ago, 11/26/11. Look at the following list and let us know which restaurants you want to replace, because you may agree with some of the restaurant

  1. Pho Thank Lich
  2. Pho Quang Trung
  3. Pho Da Kao
  4. Pho Nguyen Hue
  5. Pho 86
  6. Pho 79
  7. Pho Vinh Ky II
  8. Pho Cali
  9. Pho Kim Loan
  10. Pho Hien Vuong

Personally, I would replace the Pho Vink Ky II with Pho Thang Long. Also I would rank Pho Thanh Lick lower than Pho 79, Pho Nguyen Hue, and Pho 86.

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