Ennar Calasian Grill Restaurant

(This restaurant is closed)

My better half and I had a dinner with 17 friends at Ennar on 1/12/13 and we had a blast.
Brian, chef and owner, selected items on the menu for our party and the dishes were appreciated by our guests.
The menu consisted several a la carte dishes: Octopus salad, tuna wasabi, crispy rice with pork belly sauce, grilled squid, sauté shrimp, and pot sticker. We also have a few yakitori plates: Chicken Gizzard, chicken heart, chicken thigh, pork cheek, okra, shishito, and quail egg wrapped with bacon. We also had fried banana with red bean ice cream for dessert.

My top three choices are wasabi tuna, gizzard yakatori, and shishito yakatori. Many guests like the octopus salad, grilled squid, pot sticker, and crispy rice with pork belly sauce. Several people like the desert, fried banana and red bean ice cream. The fried banana is cooked well, not mushy at all. And the red bean ice cream is good
The Wasabi Tuna is served on cubes of crispy rice and this dish is delicious. I have had spicy tuna on crispy rice at Tokyo Table, and I like Wasabi Tuna dish at Ennar better. The gizzard yakitori was good, seasoned well, slightly crunchy outside and moist inside. The grilled squid smelled so good when it was prepared, and it’s tasted delicious. If you have tried yakitori at Honda Ya, you should try Ennar’s yakitori at least one time.
Other dishes of the party were good as well. But we suggest that you should try yourself. When you are there, try to say hi to Lynn, owner and manager. She is such a friendly host.This is a restaurant that I can recommend my friends to try.
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Address of Ennar:

16161 Brookhurst St
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

(714) 775-5700

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