Make your garden friendly for hummingbirds

This morning, I was working with my laptop at the dining table overlooking to our little backyard. A neighborhood hummingbird made its daily visit to my garden. It is such a pleasant moment.

One question came to me. How can I improve my garden to make it friendlier to hummingbirds?

So I did a little bit of googling, (Yes there is a verb of “google”). Here is what I gather so far and I would like to share. If you like this idea, please join me and make your garden more hospitable to hummingbirds.

There are 10 species of hummingbirds in California and 3 species have been negatively impacted by weeds and destruction of coastal scrub plants. They are
1-Allen’s hummingbird, Selasphorus sasin (SC)

2-Costa’s hummingbird, Calypte costae (SC)

3- Rufous hummingbird, Selasphorus rufus (SC)

While we can buy artificial nectar products to feed these lovely birds, these products do not help their immune systems. Real flower nectar should be their real food

These birds like California native plants; so we should purchase a few native plants that make our garden have flowers year round. Typically hummingbirds like orange or red flowers. And there are a few Californa native plants that you can add to your garden. Note that our water bill could be more affordable if we use California native plant.

The goal is to make our garden to have flower throughout the year. Here are some of the plants we can add to our garden.

From January to March

Monkey flower, Diplacus puniceus, Diplacus rutilus and Mimulus cardinalis|

Red yellow snapdragon flower, Keckiella antirrhinoides

From April to June

Scarlet Bugler flower, AKA  Penstemon centranthifolius

Heart-Leafed Penstemon, AKA Keckiella cordifolia

Island Snapdragon, AKA Galvezia speciosa

From July to September

Magenta Butterfly flower AKA Stachys chamissonis

Multiflowered Snapdragon, AKA Antirrhinum multiflorum

From October to December

California Fuchsia, AKA Zauschneria californica

Thyme leaved fuchsia, AKA Fuchsia Thymifolia

Where to buy

I visited Armstrong Garden and purchased a 1-gallon pot of island snapdragon and and one 4-inch container Thyme leaved fuchsia. These 2 plants should provide flowers for the summer and fall.

There are other places that one can buy California native plant. And you can buy seeds as well

If you buys any plants for your backyard hummingbirds, send us pictures we will add it to our pages. If you own a nursery, please place ads on our side about your plant selection.



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